How marketing agencies do new business the Aussie way.

Australian Flag

I hail from the UK and am a reasonably new “new Aussie” so I have found it interesting to see how marketing agencies do new business the Aussie way.

Five years seasoned, partnering with ambitious agency owners nationwide. I now believe I can claim that I have observed a thing or two about the business development landscape here.

To be frank, it’s a little bit all over the place. With the vastness of the country here it’s bound to be disparate. Each state tends to operate and wants to, within a micro-culture of its own.

Through agency partnership experiences I’ve identified a few tongue-in-cheek new business approach categories. 

See if you can spot yourself.

1 – Black bookers

Work their contacts, industry influencers and associates, exclusively. 

Networking business luncheons with unrelated strangers, seemingly the right titles on the off chance there’s a good deal to be had. There might well be on occasion, yet strategic…not often.

Other methods… bah, especially the idea of approaching a target market from cold.

When enquiries thin out an internal AM may be put to task, yet they’re uncomfortable as not their specialism so there’s a disappointing result.

And on it goes.

2 – Sprinkles

A bit of this and a bit of that, a ‘scattergun’ approach. No real defined strategy with mixed results as short- term approach for quick wins without the longer-term view.  It could be an e-blast of latest work is shared to the entire contact list, yet with no call to action or even a close proof read it’s not even wasteful, it can be harmful. This is executed mainly as a group effort between agency owner and a hungry-to-learn junior generalist lacking the maturity and experience to gather good insight. 

3 – New tech faddists

This newfangled online tool offers a complete solution for tracking, engaging and winning over your target audience.

Set up a stream of content with links to get started and everything else – i.e. new clients, will fall into place by the bucket load.

No outbound human touch contact approach needed.

Hmmn…let’s just give this a little bit longer as the lead scores look really compelling.

Manifest believes in an inbound and outbound strategy for new business development.  It works. On both sides of the globe, the approach remains the same with the resounding necessity to connect person to person with the intention of building relationships with like minded people, a good cultural fit for when the time is right for them. If not now, then perhaps later and the same level of importance placed for both. We talk your language and operate as a senior member of your team.

With a low risk points system for easy evaluation and terms we are more cost effective and impactful than one of your own.

If your new business could work harder for you, you struggle to keep up or even initiate contact with those you’d love to work with why not try something new.