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I’m afraid that once again we’re going to say more on agency websites. You see, in preparation for GDPR we’ve been going through our database and sorting the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Anyway, as part of that process we’ve visited more then 2,500 agency websites in the last week, specifically to find out two[…]

strategies for agency new business

Agency New Business Hunting Strategies

There are three agency new business hunting strategies that we will be looking at in this post. This is not to say that these are the only ones and we are also not necessarily saying that any one is better than an another or for that matter that an agency can only adopt one strategy.[…]

Spark and Torch

Spark and Torch

Spark and Torch is a new business system used primarily in the UK but has been gaining ground overseas for many years now and is seen as the most powerful methodology used by the most progressive agencies in the world. Here is how it works. Suspect – The Company has been identified as one that[…]

Blah Blah Blah

Looking at Agency Websites

We spend a lot of time looking at agency websites: advertising agencies, integrated agencies, media buyers and planners, experiential, digital and design agencies. There’s a lot of them out there, although their websites almost seem to have settled into the same – or similar – design: a landing page, which you navigate either by scrolling[…]

Desk Telephone

Fewer New Business Calls

With the advent of all these social channels available to agency new business people and the ease of sending an email, I suppose its no real surprise to hear that there are fewer new business calls being made these days, but the reply we got from one CMO recently was really quite revealing. One of[…]


Manifest Featured in Workspace Website

Manifest, having been a Workspace tenant for a number of years now, were invited to write about our experiences. “Having worked both in-house at various agencies and at another new business agency some time ago, Adam Whittaker, managing director of Manifest, grew increasingly frustrated by the smoke and mirrors employed by many out-of-house business development[…]