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Does One Need Sales Targets to Achieve Results?

“Does one need sales targets to achieve results?” is a question I was asked a few days back and one the answer to which I thought deserved to be shared because it is one I have come across many times.

I have been managing agency new business people since 1988 and have calculated that I have been personally responsible for more than one million new business lead generation man hours. I have managed more than 300 new business people in this time.



The Canal Barge Analogy for Agency New Business

I was reminded recently of the Canal Barge analogy for agency new business. It was first told me many moons ago by, if I remember correctly, Graeme Green from LGM (that’s showing how long I’ve been in this business!). It goes like this.

Imagine the marketing director is the pilot of an old fashioned canal barge (the brand) being pulled along by a dray horse (incumbent agency). He has a pretty solitary existence and is always looking out for something to amuse him or help him perform his role more effectively – a good pilot never leaves school!



Means Authority Need for Agency New Business

Who’s the MAN! for agency new business (Means Authority Need). Back to basics – SALES. It’s what we do – call it what you want, but that’s it. Many years ago I was making a speech at an Omnicom conference (DAS to be precise) and I was talking about sales and an MD of an agency at the end said that it was all well and good, but that he wasn’t in ‘sales’ he was in ‘advertising’.

My response was that his CEO would probably say that he was in the business of selling the services of an advertising agency, not ‘in’ advertising per se.



Engagement; Engagement, Enthusiasm and Engagement.

Engagement; Engagement, Enthusiasm and Engagement. This, the AABA pattern, also known as a diacope, is a very common rhetorical device you are probably very familiar with.

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo”; “my horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse”; “alone, alone, all alone”; “You villain, villain, you damned, smiling villain.” And my personal favourite from Carry On Cleo, “Infamy, Infamy, they’ve all got it Infamy”.



Columbo Moment in Agency New Business

I just finished a training session about the Columbo moment. Firstly, understand this. When speaking to a prospect and trying to get them to agree to meet with you, there is a battle of wills going on. In my opinion, if the person is the decision maker and they already use an agency like yours – they are worth meeting.

They, conversely, are busy and may not necessarily be reviewing so are wary of committing time.


four cornerstones

Four Cornerstones of Sales

In agency new business, like any sales operation, we need to effectively measure the performance of our teams . To do this effectively, it is always worth remembering the four cornerstones of sales upon which effective performance is built. They are, of course:

1) ABILITY – The person undertaking the activity must have the raw ability to perform the task. Some people are inherently timid when it comes to picking up the telephone and cold calling a senior decision maker. They feel inferior or maybe a little ashamed. […]

Kalarhythms and Interpersonal Style

Kalarhythms and Interpersonal Style

We came across this article about Kalarhythms and Interpersonal Style on a website and thought you might find it interesting. It takes us back to our “Spark and Torch” training!!

It explores how different personality types need to be sold to in different ways. Agency heads often ask me “what should we present?” or “should we submit a full proposal or just key points?” etc.