think like a marketing director

Think Like a Marketing Director

So, you’ve got a new business meeting lined up with a marketing director, manager or whoever is the decision maker for your service. How are you going to think like a marketing director? You’ve done your preparation, but remember, so has your prospect. Typically they’re pretty busy people and believe it or not they don’t spend all day thinking about agencies, dealing with agencies is typically about 10% of what they do or would LIKE to do!


paradigm shift

Agency New Business, a Paradigm Shift

Whilst on holiday I read Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, “What the Dog Saw”, a collection of his writing from The Spectator and it made my think about agency new business. One of the many insightful essays was on the vagaries of the stock market and hedge funds and how too much information can be a bad thing. His hypothesis was that in the pre internet age, trying to anticipate market movements was a puzzle.



Post First Meeting Strategy

Below you can see a check list of things many agencies find useful to do following an initial meeting to continue a dialogue without stalking if there isn’t an immediate opportunity. We call it the Post First Meeting Strategy.

a)     An email should be sent thanking them and confirming the next actions that have been agreed with timescales.