First 15 Seconds

First 15 Seconds

The first 15 seconds of each new business call to a cold prospect are imperative. If you cock them up you might as well go home. Be professional, confident, tell them what you want and introduce your agency using the model shown here.

Start by telling them what you we:

“we’re an advertising agency”

Tell them your area of specialism:

“we specialise in financial services”

Then tell them why the two above would be of benefit to them and be as specific to them as you possibly can be:

“we could help you regain the market share you have recently lost to Acme Bank (as reported by your CEO Rob Grant last week) as we have done for X, Y and Z.

As the call develops you should concentrate on those areas that will have most relevance to the individual company or brand the person you are speaking to has responsibility for. To do this you need to plan, research and develop compelling reasons to engage for groups and sub-groups of client prospects.

3 thoughts on “First 15 Seconds

  • I agree with the first part but the rest is a load of rubbish! Do you really think we get that much time with a contact on a cold call?!?!?! I would argue that I am one of the most successful cold callers around and arrange dozens of meetings each year and trust me new contacts do not want to be on the phone to you for long. Be prec

  • I was going to say that you need to be precise and friendly and win them over with your personality, oh and none of this “I’m in your area in 2 weeks and wondered if I could come and see you?” it rarely works!

  • Hi Scott – Appreciate the comment but not sure what you mean abut not having that much time. What? 15 seconds too long for you?

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