Agency Staff Turnover

staff turnover

One of the issues many clients have had historically with new business agencies is agency staff turnover – we hear it all the time, “my account manager seemed to change by the month”, “it was OK to start but then Jon left and the next three people over the year were awful” …

One way to get around this is to employ the old trick of having a two tier team. A senior person, who deals with you on a day to day basis and takes the credit for everything and some poor sap who does all the work who you hardly ever meet and probably don’t even know is the one making 90% of the calls!

Another way to get around this problem is to do what we at Manifest do. Employ only grown ups with responsibilities who want a long term role and to be treated well and given everything they need to the job. Treat them fairly, give them regular pay rises and bonuses based upon client satisfaction.

In other words, if they work hard and intelligently, then their clients will be happy, will win new business and ergo stay with us and recommend us to others. If this happens, our account directors get decent bonuses and we can pay them great basic salaries.

Since we started working this way our staff turnover has dropped to 10%.