Storytelling in Agency New Business

The Stories We Tell

The stories we tell will inspire and engage is a clarion call for storytelling in agency new business. You shouldn’t be ‘pitching’ your agency and ‘selling’ yourself to your potential clients; you should be engaging them with compelling stories that inspire them to want to know more about you.

But just how do you do this?

Well, every story has a beginning, a middle and an end so let’s start with that as a framework and develop a story that will get the desired outcome – a meeting with an interested and engaged CMO.

The Beginning

Think of a good reason for calling them. Something you’ve seen or read about them. This story should flatter and intrigue them whilst gaining their permission for you to continue with your conversation.

The Middle

This is where you should flesh out your story and really grab their attention with some facts and figures together with some quotes and / or references to clients (actual people not just brands) who they may know or have heard of.

The End

The close. The final chapter of any good book brings all the threads together and neatly brings the story to its natural conclusion. In this case, a meeting is arranged for you to talk more, prove your credentials and be given the opportunity to answer a brief.