Agencies We Represent Get There First


We got one of the agencies we represent into a really interesting client the other week.

A disruptor in a staid industry ripe for a shake up.

This is how it came about.

Using the investors hub we subscribe to we discovered they had raised £10m in Series A funding in January.

We researched further using Techcrunch and read that they wanted the money to launch into new regions in the UK.

Following this and after doing more desk research we guessed they meant Manchester.

So we tweeted them, as a customer (which we had become), asking them if they were going to be in Manchester soon.

They replied with a cheeky wink, “Watch this space late 2018 ;-)”.

Next, we wrote to the CEO, explaining how our client would be the perfect partner for their impending Manchester launch.

Following this we called him and he agreed to meet our client who won his account without a pitch.

This, of course, may NOT be the right strategy for YOUR agency.

We don’t have a pre-defined way of operating. For one of our clients we have spent 18 months arranging for them to meet over 100 marketing personnel IN THE SAME COMPANY!

Our solution will be determined not by our methodology but by your needs.