A Well Written Letter

A Well Written Letter

I was dropping my son off at school this morning as he was off on a bushcraft course – three days camping by the sea in Dorset, canoeing, rock climbing, survival etc. Sounds great fun! I got talking to the headmaster about the company that was running the course and how he had found them.

He told me that several years ago they had written to him; a hand written, two page letter, describing what they did and how they thought they’d be the perfect fit for the school.


temporary king

The Temporary King

If you read The Times then the back page of the The Game section recently provided a fascinating insight into the world of the football manager or rather, the world of those who appoint them.

They discuss what on Merseyside they call the Messiah Complex – the never ending search for “the one” who will lead them to greatness once more. And it is not just Liverpool of course, turn the page back and you saw a great graphic that illustrated the point perfectly.



Would you really ask that?

Would you really ask that? When agencies, speaking to clients on the telephone for the very first time start asking them questions like “are you reviewing your agency arrangements? or “are you happy with your agency?” or even “what are the issues you need addressing?” before having fixed the meeting date, they are making a big mistake.



Columbo Moment in Agency New Business

I just finished a training session about the Columbo moment. Firstly, understand this. When speaking to a prospect and trying to get them to agree to meet with you, there is a battle of wills going on. In my opinion, if the person is the decision maker and they already use an agency like yours – they are worth meeting.

They, conversely, are busy and may not necessarily be reviewing so are wary of committing time.


paradigm shift

Agency New Business, a Paradigm Shift

Whilst on holiday I read Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, “What the Dog Saw”, a collection of his writing from The Spectator and it made my think about agency new business. One of the many insightful essays was on the vagaries of the stock market and hedge funds and how too much information can be a bad thing. His hypothesis was that in the pre internet age, trying to anticipate market movements was a puzzle.


four cornerstones

Four Cornerstones of Sales

In agency new business, like any sales operation, we need to effectively measure the performance of our teams . To do this effectively, it is always worth remembering the four cornerstones of sales upon which effective performance is built. They are, of course:

1) ABILITY – The person undertaking the activity must have the raw ability to perform the task. Some people are inherently timid when it comes to picking up the telephone and cold calling a senior decision maker. They feel inferior or maybe a little ashamed. […]

website design

Website for Agency New Business

We all know that the website for agency new business is essential. So why is it that so many agency websites are as bad as they are? I’m not saying they’re all bad and I’m not saying that our own is perfect, but some are really, VERY poor indeed, with almost as many still ‘under construction’ due to being ‘so busy with client business’ or some other feeble excuse.

When will these agencies get it? Do they honestly not think it important? Do they believe (as many have told me) that the less they show the better because that way clients will have to ask them in to find out more?