Kissing frogs? Or toads …

“I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF KISSING FROGS!” The poor man wailed. “Really?” I empathised, but wanted to dig deeper “why is that?” “It just. Doesn’t. Work” he accentuated each work with a loud thump on the Costa Coffee table at which we were sitting. Startled mums with toddlers moved tables away from us. He was looking a[…]


Manifest is Very Different

According to someone I met the other day, Manifest is very different from most other new business agencies. “Why’s that?” I asked them, “after all, all we do is arrange really good quality new business meetings with the people you want to work with.” “EXACTLY!” She replied. “You don’t ‘undertake an agency brand positioning and proposition[…]


Tell Me Something Different

“Tell me something different” he said.  So I did.  I told him that we would identify perfect fit companies for his agency by using the tools the investment community uses; so we could identify businesses that have received funding in the last month of more than £10m to spend in the next twelve months on marketing. “That IS different” he[…]

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliant New Business

Manifest has taken measures to ensure that it is GDPR Compliant. GDPR is really just a turbo charged version of the Data Protection rules already in force. GDPR will apply to and protect all EU & UK citizens (regardless of Brexit). Organisations are responsible for protecting data from hackers. Fines for data breaches will be up[…]